Wholistic Counselling – Integrating the Mind, Body, and Spirit

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Individual Counselling: Whether you’re experiencing depression, anxiety, stress, or just a general feeling of not being happy or content with your life, individual therapy will help you get to the core issues that are preventing you from having the life that you want.


Individual Online Counselling: I offer online counselling through Skype. Online counselling can be ideal for those who can’t see a counsellor in person for reasons of lifestyle or circumstances.
Online counselling is offered to Canadian residents only.


Couples Counselling: Couples today expect their relationship to meet all of their emotional, sexual, financial, social, and spiritual needs. It’s no wonder that many people are unhappy in their relationship — with expectations like these, people are bound to be disappointed.


Couples counselling can help partners engage in a process of examination that, together with a commitment to work on issues, can improve communication, bring back intimacy, and reawaken a sense of fun and pleasure in the relationship.


Pet Loss: If you are grieving over an animal that is sick, one that is dying, one that has died, or one that is lost, you are not alone. Sometimes the sadness may seem overwhelming. It may be helpful to talk to a counsellor in order to go through the grief process with emotional support.


Counselling in your own home: If you are unable to meet me at my office due to illness or other factors, I am available to come to your home for your sessions. Charges for travel time do apply.


Areas of specialization include; loss and grief, pet loss, depression, trauma, chronic and terminal illness, substance abuse, mid-life issues and career transitioning issues, relationship issues, and stress in life issues.
Please phone me for a free 10 minute consultation.