Wholistic Counselling – Integrating the Mind, Body, and Spirit

The animal/human bond is treasurable beyond measure. Our beloved furry friends warm their way into our hearts and become integral parts of our lives; yet when they become sick, die, or are lost, we oftentimes are not given permission by those close to us to mourn their loss. We may be told they can be easily replaced and to get over it.

Yet the loss of a companion animal may be one of the most devastating experiences in one’s life. It is not uncommon for this loss to surpass the pain involved in losing a human being.

I understand the special bond you shared with your pet and how much part of your life they were.
You don’t have to face this sad time alone. I can provide you with emotional support and someone to listen to you in your time of grief.

I Will Support You By:


  • Creating a safe nonjudgmental place where you can express your deepest feelings and thoughts.
  • Helping you cope with and work through the difficult and, at times, intense feelings of shock, anger, guilt, sadness, and depression that often arise when a beloved pet becomes ill, dies, or is lost.
  • Helping you understand and come to terms with the pain and guilt you may be feeling around anticipating having or having had your pet euthanized. Although euthanasia is an utmost act of love and kindness that ends your pet’s suffering, it may be the most heart wrenching decision you will ever make.
  • Working with you around any issues of unresolved grief from your past that may surface when your pet dies.
  • Helping guide you through to the other side of your loss, where you will once again be able to think of your companion and the special relationship you shared with peace and happiness.
  • Discussing with you the timing of and what to expect when getting another pet.

Personally, I have had several beloved pets die. The experience of losing each one of them was devastating and difficult beyond words. I bring my own experience of working through grief paired with professional training to help you if your pet is sick, dying, has died, or is lost.